Useful Links

A selection of useful / interesting web links…

WOMBS (Women OfferingMothers Birth Support) (doula related info)

Evidence Based Medicine re: Doulas (doula related info) (info on labor plus other info) (general pregnancy info) (general pregnancy info) (Pregnancy)

How to Turn a Breech, Posterior or Transverse baby by (general pregnancy info)

La Leche League (general breastfeeding info) (breastfeeding info)

breastfeeding-the-early-days.htm#.VV74u1JGT3o (breastfeeding and parenting links)  (Breastfeeding “Latch On” info)

JustMommies article on lactogenic foods (breastfeeding/milk supply info)

KellyMom (general parenting / breastfeeding info) (Newborn breastfeeding info)

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